Students, Clubs Invited to Participate in Homecoming Parade

Students and clubs are invited to participate in the Homecoming Parade on Saturday, Oct. 23.

This year’s homecoming theme is “Tommie Spirit.” Participants are invited to get in the spirit with decorations that exhibit the contributions their clubs make in celebrating Tommie pride. All entries will be judged; judging information will be included in the homecoming packet sent to students who register.

The registration deadline is Sunday, Oct. 10, with no exceptions. To register, fill out the registration form that is available on the STAR website. Return the form to: Homecoming Parade, Attn: Jane Faulhaber, Mail #1984. Once the registration form is received, an information packet will be mailed.

Due to the construction of the new Anderson Student Center and the removal of Lot H, Public Safety will not allow motorized vehicles. Entry plans are limited to: six bikes, 10 skateboards or longboards, 10 scooters, and 10 Rollerblades. (Any combination is acceptable for a total of 36 entries on “wheels.”) The number of people on foot is unlimited. Entries should include the type and number of items being used.

For more information, e-mail Jane Faulhaber, 2010 parade co-chair.