Student Sam Barr studies in O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library May 18, 2015 during the finals week "study Monday."

How Do You Study for Finals?

It's that time of year when many students are already dreaming of holiday break, but plenty still are wondering how they'll finish their class projects and papers, and study for finals before then.

Here's what some St. Thomas students had to say on how they're preparing for finals:

"To study for practical skill-based classes, like accounting and math, I like to redo all of the homework we've had for the class. It’s good practice and, since I've already done it, I can check my work and see how I did it before." – Kate, junior

"Depends on the class, but I will typically pull the most important items from my notes to make a study guide, then review the weakest points. I'll make flashcards for memory-based study, and I drink lots of coffee to stay awake during my library vigils." – Emily, junior

"I usually try to internalize my material throughout the semester, so I don't have to do the above. Writing final papers helps me remember the material the best, though." – Natalie, junior

“I usually don’t prepare well enough in advance. I only do it the week before, so that’s fun! I go by which tests are soonest and most difficult and give those the most priority. I study an hour at a time, like one subject for an hour and then switch it up. Doing one subject for an entire day doesn’t usually work for me. I try to take lots of breaks. Also, I like to wrap myself up in blankets." – Ellen, junior

"For tests, I usually take the number of units I have to study for and set aside time for each unit. If I have five sections or units, I start five days ahead and review the five individually on their own day." – Noah, freshman

So, take your books and blankets to a quiet corner to get ready for finals. And when they're over, the holidays will no longer be a dream. Good luck!