Kevin Sauter speaking.

In the News: Kevin Sauter Provides Analysis on President Joe Biden’s Speech for KARE 11

Kevin Sauter, communication studies professor emeritus at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, recently spoke with KARE 11 to analyze President Joe Biden’s speech and who his target audience was.

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From the story:

Dr. Kevin Sauter, a professor emeritus at the University of St. Thomas and expert on political communication, said aspects of Biden’s speech certainly targeted an international audience.

“I think the primary audience for this speech is the American people domestically,” Sauter said, “but he’s also talking to a worldwide Jewish community to signal super support for Israel, and he’s going to be talking to the leaders of foreign countries that might want to take advantage of the ambiguity and the chaos in the world right now.”

Meanwhile, Biden is also gearing up for a reelection campaign in November 2024 – just 13 months from now.

“But I think this is beyond politics in many ways,” Sauter said. “It’s dealing with these flashpoints, and the terrible humanitarian crises that are taking place in Ukraine, in Israel, and in Gaza.”