In the News: MayKao Hang Joins Jan Malcolm to Discuss Whole Person Health and Learnings From the Pandemic

MayKao Hang, founding dean at the University of St. Thomas Morrison Family College of Health, recently joined former Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm in the WCCO Radio studios to discuss the upcoming Whole Person Health Summit and what has been learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the interview:

“If you think about our workforce being really depleted, think about who’s actually generating the nurses, the social workers, the psychologists, the public health professionals of the future. They’re organizations like the University of St. Thomas.”

“Jan will be the keynote speaker at our inaugural Whole Person Health Summit, and the summit will always be focused on advancing health equity through whole person care. That means that we’ll be pausing to do this very important work of reflecting on the trauma and the systems and the work that we were all engaged in for the past three years or so, during the pandemic. And taking those lessons and saying how do we restore hope in humanity and opportunity in designing the educational process in a way that will empower students who will go out into the future and actually help us transform systems.”