MayKao Hang
Mark Brown / University of St. Thomas

In the News: MayKao Hang on the Transition From Awareness to Action in Addressing America’s Health Disparities

Dr. MayKao Hang, founding dean at the University of St. Thomas Morrison Family College of Health, recently contributed an article to MinnPost on the shortfalls of the current health care system in the U.S., and the importance of whole person health in addressing health disparities.

From the article:

Currently, our health care system is not living up to our aspirations when it comes to whole person care. For example, our system frequently discharges sick people from hospital care back into homelessness. Payment systems don’t reward prevention and early intervention for health improvement. There are drastic disparities between who receives quality treatment and preventative care; economically fragile families often lack access to affordable health care.

To improve, we must strip down the system to its roots to correct design flaws that don’t support whole person health. We need to fundamentally transform how people interact with the health care system and in their communities. After all, health is wealth. Without a healthy society, the economy suffers. We saw that during the pandemic.

At the inaugural Whole Person Health Summit convening April 19 at the University of St. Thomas, an inspiring group of practitioners, providers, thought leaders, advocates and organizers dedicated to advancing health equity through whole person care are coming together to share best practices for implementing change to the current system.