Engineering transfer student Dagmawe Mamo works on his senior design team’s hydroponic system. Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

In the News: St. Thomas Students Plot Indoor Vegetable-Growing Kits for Home Use

University of St. Thomas engineering majors Noah Drehmel, Dagmawe Mamo, Timara Williams and Caleb Willeford are featured in a story for the Star Tribune about their work to design a system for Seeds Feeds, a hunger-fighting non-profit.

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From the article: "Four engineering students from the University of St. Thomas just wrapped up two semesters of work on a project that aims to give Seeds Feeds — and maybe some of the individual families it serves — an inexpensive way to grow leafy vegetables and herbs year-round... They dropped off their system with Seeds Feeds earlier this week, complete with user manual and trouble-shooting guide."