In the News: Tommie Lineman, Coach Caruso Share Bond

Lineman Shea Albrecht and University of St. Thomas Football head coach Glenn Caruso share a special bond over their mothers. The two were recently profiled by the Pioneer Press.

From the article:

It was November 2020, and St. Thomas football coach Glenn Caruso had seen enough of Orono’s massive two-way lineman Shea Albrecht on tape to know that he was the type of player the Tommies were looking to add as they made the jump from Division III to Division I the following season.

Just as importantly, his talks with Orono’s Joe McPherson, who coached Albrecht in football and wrestling, told him that Albrecht fit the profile for a program that stresses the goal of helping young men learn to become good husbands, good fathers and assets to the community.

So while he would have liked to have met with Shea and his parents, Chris and Julia, in person, COVID restrictions limited their contact to a video conference call. The Albrechts were acutely aware of the dangers of COVID, having gotten the devastating news six months earlier that Julia had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).