IRT Announces New Name and Website

ITSheaderThe next time students, faculty or staff contact the Tech Desk for assistance, they will be greeted by the new Information Technology Services (ITS).

The new name, emailreorganization and website are part of a rebrand that is centered on the department’s efforts to partner across the university to meet evolving technology needs.

The department was reorganized in the fall under the leadership of Ed Clark to promote collaboration, innovation, transparency and shared leadership. Its structure now focuses on three areas: academics, service and operations, and security; it also fosters a culture that continues to provide stability through networks systems and infrastructures while simultaneously is adaptable and brings in new tools and technologies to support the university in meeting its mission.

“We are promoting innovation in a way we haven't before,” said Clark, adding that ITS is committed to bringing the best IT practices to campus.

In that same spirit of service, transparency and collaboration, ITS sought input from deans, departments, administrators, internal staff and members of the St. Thomas community for every step of the process. The staff selected their new name to represent their emphasis on bringing value to the university through service.

Clark highlighted that ITS is dedicated to creating new online opportunities for students – many of whom who enter higher education already accustomed to online collaborative tools. (This was one of the main reasons for the transition to Office 365.)

One of the undertakings that has grown from this is the St. Thomas E-learning and Research Center (STELAR), which is currently in the design stage. By partnering with Faculty Development Center and the Libraries, STELAR will provide services for faculty to put academic programs in online and blended formats.

“Our success is really dependent on our collaboration with other units,” Clark said. “We built this together with them and continuing to work together is what’s going to allow us to be successful.”

ITS' new email is To learn more about their services, please visit the new ITS website.