IRT's Tech Tip Tuesday: Get the most out of Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Tech Tip Tuesday – Outlook Web Access (OWA)

This week IRT’s tech tip is about Outlook Web Access and MailMarshal.

Accessing your e-mail from a Web browser using OWA
Outlook Web Access (OWA) is the Web-based e-mail available at the University of St Thomas. Using your username and personal password, you can access and send e-mail messages using OWA from any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. The browser interface allows you to read, forward, organize and delete e-mail messages that are stored in your UST mailbox. Additionally, OWA includes tools for maintaining a detailed address book and provides a calendar function.

Options in OWA
You can set up the following features in OWA to your personal specifications by clicking on the options button in the folder list of the left side of the screen.

  • Out of Office Assistant – Automatically replies to incoming UST messages while you are out of the office (Reminder: If you turn on the Out of Office Assistant, make sure to turn it off when you are back in the office!)
  • Messaging Options – Includes the number of e-mails displayed on the page and signature options
  • Date and Time Formats – Use this feature to select the style of date and time that is displayed on your e-mails as well as the time zone
  • Calendar Options – Allows you to select the day the week begins and the start and end time of your work day on you calendar
  • Reminder Options – This feature allows you to set reminders for calendar and task items
  • Contact Options – Allows you to select either the UST global address book or your personal contacts as the priority for searches
  • Recover Deleted Items – Allows you to view and recover items that were recently emptied from your Deleted Items folder. Recovered items will be moved back to your Deleted Items folder.

E-mail is an essential communication tool at UST and we all know how frustrating it can be to open up a mailbox only to find it filled with spam. As a way to help alleviate this problem, IRT uses MailMarshal, a fast and easy-to-use e-mail filter. MailMarshal scrutinizes all of the components of an e-mail message, including text, attachments and embedded content to offer an additional layer of security. This means less spam and the ability to block or accept e-mail based on the sender. To review your filtered e-mail visit click on the link for MailMarshal then login with your username and password. For instructions on how to use MailMarshal click here.

Spam stats at UST
On average, St. Thomas receives 121,490 inbound e-mails messages per day. Of those messages, 67.12 percent are spam-identified and are not automatically delivered to the recipients’ Exchange mailbox. Messages that are spam-identified are held in the recipients’ MailMarshal queue for 14 days before being deleted.

Time Frame Inbound Messages Percent of SPAM identified Daily Average* 121,490 67.12 percent

If you have questions about OWA or MailMarshal, or technology questions, please contact the IRT Tech desk, (651) 962-6230.