McNeely ramp contract parkers should not use surface lots

Changes proposed for McNeely ramp contract parking

Parking is always a delicate topic here at the university and one to which people like to have input. As such, this message is to propose a change in procedures for parking in the McNeely ramp and to solicit your feedback.

As you know, fall 2006 was the first semester in the McNeely ramp. The annual fees for faculty and staff for the McNeely ramp are currently $500, $700 and $900 based on salary. In addition to a McNeely ramp space, employees purchasing this contract also were given the opportunity to park in any other faculty-staff surface lot on campus.

The Parking Committee's analysis of the first semester shows that, while 70 out of the 110 contracts for the McNeely ramp were sold, a significant majority of people with ramp contracts are choosing to park in other faculty-staff surface parking lots instead of the McNeely ramp. This has resulted in the surface lots being fuller than anticipated. A vast majority of McNeely ramp contract parkers are essentially tying up two parking spaces on campus when they park in the surface lots.

Based on the above analysis, it has been recommended to me by the Parking Committee that, effective Feb. 1, 2007, the McNeely contract parkers not be allowed to park in surface lots and park only in their contracted space in McNeely ramp during the fall and spring semesters. In recognition of this proposed restriction, the annual fees associated with the McNeely ramp contract would be reduced to $350, $550 and $750 effective Feb. 1, 2007.

I would appreciate any feedback about this change and ask that you e-mail me directly at Thank you.