Meet John Notman ’09 M.B.A.

I went back to get my MBA because I wanted more from my career. After looking at many other schools, I decided on the University of St. Thomas because of its outstanding faculty and their experience and connections with some of the largest companies in the U.S. This is a reputable program that allowed me to advance my professional career while getting a top-notch education at the same time – the Evening MBA allows you to finish at your own pace without sacrificing face-time with fellow students and professors. This is critically important: the time you’ll spend in class on projects is where you’ll begin building your network.

I also chose the Evening UST MBA program because of some sage advice from my business mentor: joining a program in a metropolitan setting reaps all sorts of rewards. The UST MBA programs are situated in downtown Minneapolis and the networking opportunities are unlimited.

The MBA program at the University of St Thomas is so highly regarded because they teach the curriculum based on application. You’ll learn the theory behind the education, but you’ll graduate knowing both how and why to solve business problems. This is the clear advantage you bring to the table: instead of telling recruiters and hiring managers what you know, you will tell them what you can do.

Thanks to my UST MBA, I can confidently and accurately articulate a business case, recommend an action plan, and roll my sleeves up, jump in and get the ball rolling. No matter your preferred business discipline, you’ll be a smarter business professional after your time in the program.


Graduated: ’09 M.B.A
Employer: Thomson Reuters
Position: Product Marketer, Elite
Undergraduate degree: University of Minnesota Duluth, B.S. '04