Meet painter David Rich Tuesday

Hillside, David Rich

Meet painter David Rich Tuesday    

Meet and talk with painter David Rich, whose artworks are now on display on the Minneapolis campus through February 2009, in both Food for Thought and the first floor of Terrence Murphy Hall.

At 2:30 pm. Tuesday, Nov. 11, Rich will be in Food for Thought to answer questions and talk about his paintings. The event is free and open to the public.

Rich has taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for the past 20 years and has given visiting-artist lectures in several colleges throughout the United States. In addition to participating in numerous group shows, Rich has had solo exhibitions in Chicago, Denver, New York and Washington, D.C.

View, David Rich

This exhibition of Rich’s paintings was curated by Mark Jensen, University Relations.

Regarding his abstract paintings, Rich says: “My work is rooted in urban landscape and situations from everyday life. Glimpses of warehouses and water, configurations of shadow, and the light of late afternoon and early evening inform much of the work. I also paint people, often based on friends and neighbors, paying particular attention to their body language and interactions. These paintings combine direct observation, memory, and improvisation.

“The paintings are evocative responses more than literal descriptions. For me, the paintings speak through physicality, rhythm, and visual poetics. I am working for the sense that everything is solid and rooted, yet open and breathing.

“The parts of the paintings are not similar, but they are inextricably linked in dialogue. Shapes group together and lock in, setting up a spatial structure, which appears to shift as implied connections assert an alternate read. The paintings are densely layered but also decisively edited, resulting in an economy of means, in which everything is necessary and nothing is extra.

“My paintings are about familiar spaces, about sculpting out and articulating the charged, alive and disjunctive spaces between and around us. The paintings are not about fixed identities, but about relationships. They are about the mingling of private and public space that occurs on the street, and within ourselves.”

More of Rich's work can be viewed at his Web site.

For more information about the exhibit contact Mark Jensen, (651) 962-6812.

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