Dining Services Stirs the Palate With International Week in The Grill

Dining Services will feature a variety of foods from different countries during International Week in The Grill, April 11-15. The specials will be served from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.:

  • Monday: “Greece” – Greek salad sandwich with Greek vinaigrette served with baklava, $6.50
  • Tuesday: “Mexico” – chicken fajitas served with Spanish rice, $5.50
  • Wednesday: “Saudi Arabia” – Kabsa with chicken (chicken, rice and vegetables), $5
  • Thursday: “China” – Chinese buffet, includes sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, cream cheese wontons, white rice and fried rice, $6.25
  • Friday: “India” – Gujarati Tuvar Dal (vegetarian split red lentils with mustard, chilies and curry served over rice) $5

The flags of these countries also will be displayed.