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NCATE’s Board of Examiners recommends continuing accreditation for UST’s School of Education

The University of St. Thomas’ School of Education has successfully completed a rigorous five-day visit by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education’s Board of Examiners. Upon completion of its site visit, the Board of Examiners recommended continuing accreditation under the organization’s performance-oriented standards.

NCATE is the professional accrediting organization for schools, colleges and departments of education in the United States.  

"The initial NCATE Board of Examiners’ recommendation, that we meet all six NCATE standards, reaffirms the rigor and academic excellence of our professional education programs, the expertise and dedication of our faculty, staff and students, as well as the high quality of our campus and school partnerships," Interim Dean Bruce Kramer said. “Our effort to secure this reaccreditation demonstrates the teamwork and commitment of everyone in the school of education to advance the common good through the preparation of excellent educators.”

The Board of Examiners verified that the school meets all six NCATE standards at the initial and advanced levels. NCATE’s Unit Accrediting Board will meet in April 2009 to affirm the recommendation.  

NCATE has continuously accredited UST’s School of Education since 1965. For more information about NCATE, visit