New student-veterans organization seeks adviser

A student-veteran organization being formed at the University of St Thomas is seeking  an adviser from the ranks of the faculty and staff.

With the implementation of  the Post 9-11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program, the most comprehensive transformation of veteran's education benefits since World War II,  an increase in the number of veterans enrolling in private universities is expected. The new organization hopes to welcome and assist these students at St. Thomas.

Spearheading this effort is  Kyle Jones, a University of St Thomas student and a Marine Corps and Iraq War veteran. The organization, Jones points out, will provide military-veteran students with an organization to call their own that will allow them to meet and network with one another through club events, meetings and community service. The organization also will provide a link for university staff and faculty to gain insight into the needs and desires of student veterans.

The organization is now turning to the university's  faculty and staff for an adviser. The veteran students would prefer a military veteran faculty or staff member; however, all full-time UST faculty and staff members are welcome to answer the call.

If  interested in being an adviser, e-mail Kyle Jones.

Student-military veterans interested in becoming involved with the organization also can e-mail Jones.