Conflict Resolution Class, New Tactics Present Online Dialogue on 'Transforming Conflicts Related to Resource Extraction'

Students in JPST 470 Conflict Resolution, and New Tactics in Human Rights, are presenting an online dialogue on “Turning the Tables: Transforming Conflicts Related to Resource Extraction” from today through Tuesday, May 3.

The New Tactics website notes that: “Global competition for resources will be at the root of many conflicts. How can we anticipate and prevent conflicts while empowering local communities in an increasingly globalized environment? How can we turn the tables and shift the power back to the communities? How can we ensure that resource extraction benefits the community?

“Practitioners are working to create a dialogue between stakeholders involved in these conflicts. This online dialogue is an opportunity to learn more about the approaches and tactics being used by practitioners in transforming conflicts between resource-extraction industries and effected communities.”

How can you participate?

This online dialogue is open to anyone interested in sharing their experiences and ideas on this topic. To join the New Tactics online community add your comments to the dialogue. Link to the dialogue at

For help, visit these FAQs

If you have trouble, email Kristin Antin, New Tactics' online community builder.

For questions about this project, email Mike Klein, clinical faculty in Justice and Peace Studies.