April 3, 2024 Newsletter


Community Healing in Focus at Second Annual Whole Person Health Summit

Whole Person Health Summit
When Dr. Antony Stately took over as president of the Native American Community Clinic in south Minneapolis, he decided to launch a traditional healing program. Hiring Ojibwe and Dakota elders to perform ceremonies and provide patient consultations, the program integrated centuries of Native wisdom into the clinical model and put a deliberate emphasis on community…
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Tales from the Archives: Fundraising for Charities

Student hammering a car.
Throughout St. Thomas' history, student organizations have used their collective efforts to raise funds for charitable causes. These groups have used their creativity and ingenuity to devise events to boost their fundraising capabilities. From 1947-70, Tommy Heart Week (also known as Charity Week), was an annual extravaganza that embodied the spirit of giving back to…
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April 5: Hear About the Bible and Archaeology

Assistant Professor of Theology Daniel Pioske will discuss certain problems that arose with efforts to authenticate the historical character of the biblical writings through archaeological finds recovered at sites identified with locations named in the Bible and how the biblical archaeology movement met its demise by the 1990s.
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April 5: Join Cor Jesu at Saint Paul Seminary

Young adults from around the Twin Cities are invited to an evening of adoration, worship, music and fellowship. Cor Jesu is a First Friday devotion for college students and young adults that takes place in St. Mary's Chapel at The Saint Paul Seminary.
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April 8: Hear From Historic All-Women City Council

Women in Leadership Event
The St. Paul City Council that was inducted in January 2024 broke through countless barriers being the first council for a city this size to be all women. Six of the seven council members are also women of color. Join Students for Justice and Peace as they host Councilwomen Mitra Jalali and Rebecca Noecker for a special Women in Leadership event. Jalali and Noecker will share their experiences and engage in a discussion on how to get involved in local government. The event is Monday, April 8, at 6 p.m. at Scooter's inside ASC.
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April 10: Xcel Energy President to Speak at Finding Forward

Finding Forward returns with "The Energy Evolution: Challenges and opportunities in the transition to carbon-free energy." Ryan Long, Xcel Energy president Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the transition to carbon-free energy. He will be joined by St. Thomas engineering professor and founding director of the Center for Microgrid Research Mahmoud Kabalan.

This Finding Forward event is on April 10 at 7:30 a.m. in James B. Woufe Alumni Hall on the third floor of ASC. Breakfast is included. The cost is $30 and a discounted rate of $10 is available for St. Thomas students. St. Thomas students, faculty and staff who want to attend in person should register with this internal link.

April 11: Attend Science-Theology Dialogue

A dialogue on AI, transhumanism and the human person featuring faculty members Jeff Jalkio, Peter Distelzweig, Mark McInroy and Rosemarie Monge takes place April 11 from noon-1:15 p.m. in the JRC auditorium. A Q&A will follow.
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April 17: Learn About Faculty Research Lightning Fast

From searching for life on Mars to developing scents for virtual reality, there's a lot of amazing research happening at St. Thomas. Get a lightning fast sample of more than a dozen projects at Faculty Lightning Talks. This is an opportunity to hear faculty colleagues present short (three minute!) research talks. Join us for some or stay for the entire event to learn more. Faculty Lightning Talks is happening during Research Week on April 17 at 3 p.m. in the Iversen Center for Faith.
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In Our Prayers: Professor James Ahler

James Ahler obituary.
James Gerhard Ahler, a longtime assistant professor of sociology at St. Thomas, died peacefully at 86 years of age on March 15, 2024. Ahler was born and raised in Burlington, Wisconsin. After high school he enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he was trained as a simultaneous German interpreter. Ahler earned his undergraduate and master's…
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Seen Around St. Thomas

Civil engineering students learn how to prepare, mix and test concrete inside the Schoenecker Center's high bay. (Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas)

In the News

Media Highlights:
Manjeet Rege, professor of software engineering and data science at the School of Engineering, recently spoke with Newsweek about fake 911 calls from the collapse of the Key Bridge in Baltimore, providing insight into how audio deepfakes can be detected.

Christopher Michaelson, ethics professor at the Opus College of Business, and author of the new book, Is Your Work Worth It?, recently spoke with Business Insider about the atypical happiness curve being shaped by young people in the U.S.

Rachel Moran, professor at the School of Law, talked with the Chicago Reader about the prevalence of police officers with histories of misconduct still making arrests, and how various reporting systems can inform consequences and restrictions placed on officers.

Mark Osler, professor at the School of Law, published an opinion piece on the CNN website about the upcoming election and how failures in criminal justice reform could impact the outcome.

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