Charles Gray headshot.

Opus College of Business Professor Emeritus Publishes Third Edition of Business Economics Book

Cambridge University Press recently published the third edition of Dr. Charles M. “Mel” Gray’s co-authored book, The Economics of Art and Culture. Gray is Professor Emeritus of Business Economics in the Opus College of Business and Senior Fellow with the Center for the Common Good.

The third edition was delayed by the death of Gray’s original co-author, Dr. James Heilbrun of Fordham University, as well as Gray’s numerous administrative, leadership, and editorial appointments in the years since the second edition appeared. His new co-author, Dr. Karol Borowiecki of the University of Southern Denmark, has strengthened the book by adding a vital European perspective that enhances its global applicability.

According to one prominent cultural economist, the third edition of the book – already widely regarded as the leader in its field – is the ”best yet.”