Weathering the Storm: Surviving the Internet Age

UST Business graduate students and alumni are forecasting an interesting night later this month with nationally respected meteorologist Paul Douglas at the Master's Pub on Friday, February 25.

My goal is to share my love of weather and entrepreneurial zeal with organizations and corporations, showing how I turned my passion for meteorology into a string of successful, satisfying businesses.  Weather is an apt metaphor for life – and business. Is your company ready for the Internet Storm? How can you encourage entrepreneurial-thinking within an existing business, literally reinvent your business before would-be competitors do it for you? The only constant, the only thing that can be predicted with 100% accuracy: change is coming. Are you ready?

We all realize that the media we’ve grown up with are in big trouble. TV stations are cutting back. Newspapers are folding every week. Douglas examines the trends and how the Internet poses a destructive threat as well as the most amazing and potentially profitable opportunity the business world has ever seen. How will media continue to transform in the months ahead? What does it mean for citizens of every country and the strength of democracy? Douglas makes some long-range predictions, focusing on how he’s tapping the full potential of the Internet with his two new ventures, WeatherNation and Singular Logic.

According to Douglas, there has never been a more fortuitous time to start a new company, even with a deep recession. How can business leverage current trends and make smart decisions (today) that will pay off down the road? Douglas attempts to connect the dots and explain how any business can capitalize on the power of the ‘net.