Payroll lists early cutoffs for student employees

Payroll lists early cutoffs for student employees

Please note that due to upcoming holidays there will be early deadlines for all payroll action items.

Action items subject to the early deadlines include:

  • All time cards must be turned in to your supervisors for approval by the deadline date.
  • All time cards must be received in Payroll by the deadline date or the pay period ending date at the latest.
  • All automated time entry and time edits must be completed by the pay period ending date.
  • All new summer student employment contracts must be turned in to Human Resources by the deadline date.
  • All direct deposit and tuition deduction forms must be turned in to the Payroll Department by the deadline date.
  • If you would like to have your checks for any of the paydays listed below mailed to a different address while you are away for the holidays, you must log in to Murphy Online, Personal Information, Update Addresses and Phones and change your Payroll Check Mailing Address to the address you want your checks mailed to.

The early deadlines are highlighted below: Deadline at 4:30 p.m. Pay Period Ending Date Payday Friday, May 25 Saturday, May 26 Friday, June 8 Monday, June 11 Saturday, June 9 Friday, June 22 Friday, June 22 Saturday, June 23 Friday, July 6

If you are leaving campus for the holidays, please turn this time sheet in to your supervisor prior to leaving campus.

Pay items received after the dates listed above will not be processed until the following pay period. Payroll has less time to process time sheets these holiday pay periods so no exception will be made to these deadline dates.