Podcast: Sarah McCann on Innovations in Teaching and Learning at DFC

Sarah McCann, clinical faculty of theology at the University of St. Thomas’ Dougherty Family College, recently joined the “Come to Believe” podcast to discuss the importance of evidence-based instructional practices, common misconceptions about academic rigor, and the importance of enthusiasm as a teaching tool.

Sarah McCann: “At the Dougherty Family College at the University of St. Thomas, we offer a two-year, liberal arts Associate of Arts degree program, combining rigorous academics with comprehensive and culturally sustaining support that prepares scholars to matriculate and graduate from a four-year program. We help them navigate and overcome some of those social and financial obstacles that so often prevent first-gen students in particular from accessing higher ed.

“We are showing that there is a model that can make education affordable, welcoming and successful. We want to help kick down those barriers and kick open those doors and join this community. This is the college student of the future and we want to play a role in making sure that that happens and that higher ed is transformed.

“My goal is to keep students in school. So many obstacles can derail a student. Largely college success is about persistence. (I tell the students) the more you persist and show up, the better you will accomplish your goal. If you show up, you will obtain your goals. ... Show up ready to go.”

Listen to the full conversation.