Podcast: The Joyful Catholic Leaders Show with Guest Monsignor James Shea

Host Phil Ervin talks with Monsignor James Shea, president of the University of Mary, about the Church's place in contemporary society and how it can best operate today.

Q. A buzzword that we hear these days is the 'apostolic age.' What is that?
A. We're not in an age of change, we're actually in a change of age. The idea behind that is there are some moments in human history where you can draw a bright line between everything that came before, and everything after. Those of us who are living in the world right now are living in those key moments, the change of age. The change has to do with how the Church operates or approaches the task of evangelization in different cultural situations.

Q. Can you give examples of strategies that are currently being deployed [in the Church]?
A. It's catastrophic for the Church to operate in a Christendom mode when the culture has shifted into an apostolic age. The Church has to use and form and shape its institutions with much more intentionality. A way to recapture the Christian vision of the world, the highest-minded idea of what it means to be a human being that's ever been seriously attempted or believed by large numbers of people over a length of time.

Listen to their conversation here: