Professional Notes

Dr. Phil Anderson, Management Department, and Dr. Leigh Lawton, Marketing Department, recently presented two papers. The first, "Applying Problem-Based Learning Pedagogy to a Simulation Exercise," was published in the conference proceedings of the 2004 International Applied Business Research Conference held last month in San Juan Puerto Rico. The second paper, "Simulation Exercises and Problem-Based Learning: Is There a Fit?" is published in the March issue of Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Exercises (Vol. 31).

Anderson also co-presented, with Brian Peach of Western Florida State University, "Using a Two-Page Case to Introduce Concepts of Business Strategy," at the 2004 conference of the Association for business Simulation and Experiential Learning. He also was a panelist for a presentation, "Simulation Debriefing Procedures."

Dr. Michael O'Donnell, Journalism and Mass Communication Department, is the author of the lead article, "The Value of CAR When a Regulator Says 'Don't Worry,' Check It Out," in the current issue of SE Journal, the professional journal of the Society of Environmental Journalists. The article focuses on computer-assisted reporting (CAR).

Dr. Richard Raschio, Modern and Classical Languages Department, is the author of an article, "Adams Spanish Immersion and the Ascension Parish Project: Two Service-Learning Projects, Two Levels of Success," in the March 2004 issue of Hispania Journal, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. It is published in paper and electronic formats in association with the Modern Language Association and the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.

Sister Katarina Schuth, O.S.F., Endowed Chair for the Social Scientific Study of Religion at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity, has received international attention for her research on celibacy formation in Roman Catholic seminaries. In March the Catholic News Service published a summary of her work that was published locally in the Catholic Spirit. She also participated in two interviews on Vatican Radio. Most recently she wrote an article, "Seminaries and the Sexual Abuse Crisis: A Review and Critique of the National Review Board's Report," in the March 22 issue of America magazine.

Dawn Swink, Legal Studies in Business Department, presented her papers, "A Sequential Exercise in Demonstrating the Dangers of Arbitration" and "Pyramid Schemes and Fraudulent Marketing Tactics – The FTC and Consumer Protection," at the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business conference recently in Chicago. The second paper, which she co-wrote, was published in the conference proceedings. At the conference she received MALSB's Best Paper Published in Any Source Award for her article, "The Impact of Stigma on Environmental Liability Claims," published in the Real Estate Law Journal (Vol. 31, No. 2, pages 117-131). She also was elected president of MALSB.

Swink's student, Wade Johnson, won the MALSB 2004 student paper competition. Johnson was invited to the MALSB conference and presented his paper, "The Arctic National Wildlife and the Cost of Oil," on March 19. The paper was published in the conference proceedings. Johnson plans to attend law school and hopes to become active in environmental law.

Dr. Susan Webster, Art History Department, presented two lectures at the Primer Simosio Internacional de Arte y Arquitectura Quiteña in Quito, Ecuador: "Las cofradías como mecenas de arquitectura en el Quito colonial," and "Los danzantes de Corpus Christi en la Audiencia de Quito."

Dr. Fred Zimmerman, Graduate Programs in Engineering and Technology Management, delivered a keynote speech, "The Turnaround Experience; Real-World Lessons in Revitalizing Corporations," at the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Conference March 23. The presentation was based on Zimmerman's book of the same name.