Professional Notes

Dr. John Kronen, Philosophy Department, is the author of two recently published works. Tthe first, a critique of the classical doctrine of hell, appeared in the November edition of The Modern Schoolman (Vol. 78, No. 1, pages 13-34); the second, a book-length translation of Suarez's Metaphysical Disputation XV, co-authored with Jeremiah Reedy, was published late last year by Marquette University Press.

Dr. Pamela Nice, Faculty Development Center, was awarded a Malone Fellowship by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations in Washington, D.C. The fellowship will be for a study seminar in Syrian culture this June in Syria. She also wrote a review of the book, Garden of Joys, on Arabic folk tales and culture, that was printed in the fall issue of Al Jadid. She also led a team of five UST students to the Model Arab League April 6-8 in Orange City, Iowa. Three of the students were elected officers of the league's five committees; one, Liz Petheo, was honored as an outstanding delegate.

Dr. John Wendt, Graduate School of Business, was among coaches and athletes recently honored at the centennial celebration of De La Salle High School in Minneapolis. In its 100 years, De La Salle has won 108 state championships, more than any other Minnesota school. Wendt coached there from 1970 to 1979; his teams won 10 swimming, diving and water polo championships.