Professional Notes

Students from the Chemistry Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented posters describing their research on Aug. 12 at the Summer Undergraduate Research Expo held at the McNamara Alumni Center of the University of Minnesota and sponsored by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. The participating students, the titles of their posters, and their advisers were: Megan Brown, “Comparison of Trapping and Desorbing Methods for Integrating Signal from Microdialysis Extractions”; Sara Diener, “Microdialysis Extraction Interfaced with EESI-MS and PTR-MS”; and Zach Henseler, “Improvements on Microdialysis Extraction for Analysis of Nitric Oxide Using MOF,” students of Dr. Tony Borgerding. Grant Frost, “Improved Procedure for the Synthesis of a Functionalized Polylactide Copolymer”; Jeremy Hrudka, “Synthesis of a New Antibiotic Containing a Novel Ring System”; Luke Kassekert, “Synthesis of an Antiviral Compound”; Nicholas Serratore, “Synthesis of Novel Luminol Derivatives”; and Rachel Stegeman, “Synthesis of a Novel Topologically Designed Antibiotic,” students of Dr. J. Thomas Ippoliti. Shakeyla Barber, “Selectivity Between Bridge N-H and Bridge C-H in the H-Bond Motifs of Crystalline Phenylhydrazones”; Sarah Fink, “Hydrogen Bonding in the Crystal Structures of Some Substituted Benzylideneanilines”; Michael Grahl, “Centrosymmetry in the Solid-State Molecular Packing of bis-Benzylideneaniline;” Amy Howard, “Disorder in the Co-Crystallization of 4,5-Dichlorophthalic Anhydride With 5,6-Dichlorobenzofurazan Oxide”; and Emily Rohkohl, “Bridge N-H vs. Bridge C-H as an H-Bond Donor in the Crystal Structures of Phenylhydrazones,” students of Dr. William Ojala. James Byrnes, “Viability of Ozonation as a Water Treatment Method for the Elimination of the Antibiotic Roxithromycin,” student of Dr. Kris Wammer.         

Dr. Sarah Armstrong, Counseling and Psychological Services, is co-author of a chapter, “Developing Competence in Spiritual and Religious Aspects of Counseling,” in the Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies, which was released late this summer by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. The handbook is designed as a text for multicultural counseling courses in psychology and other social science disciplines and is philosophically grounded in the assumption that multiculturalism encompasses multiple dimensions in addition to race and ethnicity (e.g. age, gender, immigration, linguistic background, social class, gender identities, religion/spirituality, etc.). Chapters emphasize knowledge, skills and values/attitudes for counselors at various levels of training and include practical case examples, exercises and resources for clinicians, students, trainers and supervisors.

Dr. Jean Birbilis, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, has been appointed chair of the Membership Committee of Division 29, the division of psychotherapy, of the American Psychological Association. She also has been selected to be a member of the Diversity Committee of Division 29.

Dr. Anne Klejment, History Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented a PowerPoint lecture, “Breakthroughs and Unsolved Mysteries: Genealogy of Poland and Polonia,” to the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota on Sept. 11. Klejment’s case studies used Polish and U.S. church records, immigration manifests, photographs and other historical sources to explore how to conduct research when following the usual methods has not been fruitful. 

Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, School of Engineering, and Dr. Jan Hansen, School of Education, were awarded a $130,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for their project, "Certificate/Concentration in Engineering for P-12 Educators."  They, along with other faculty in the schools of engineering and education, will create new engineering programs for pre-service and in-service P-12 educators. Thomas also is a co-author of “Numerical Simulation of Circular Synthetic Jets with Asymmetric Forcing Profiles,” written with Dr. John Abraham, School of Engineering. The article was published in the Open Mechanical Engineering Journal, vol. 4.