Professional Notes

Dr. Len Jennings, L.P., Graduate School of Professional Psychology, and GSPP doctoral students Ashley Gulden and Michael Oien, presented their research, “Reflexive Journaling as a Validity Check for Consensual Qualitative Research Methodology,” at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in August in Washington, D.C.

Dr. William Ojala, Chemistry Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented a poster, “C-H vs. N-H as H-Bond Donors in Cyano-Substituted Phenylhydrazones,” at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, held May 28 to June 2 in New Orleans. The presentation focused on intermolecular interactions significant in the design and preparation of new solid materials. Co-authors of the presentation were UST chemistry students Shakeyla Barber and Emily Rohkohl as well as Ojala’s brother, Charles Ojala, a member of the chemistry faculty at Normandale Community College.

Dr. Peter Parilla, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented a paper, “Distracted Driving: The New DWI?” Aug. 19 at the meetings of the Society for the Study of Social Problems in Las Vegas. Parilla welcomes questions about his paper. Call him at (651) 962-5631.

Dr. Mary Reichardt, Catholic Studies Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the editor of the literature section of the recently published New Catholic Encyclopedia − 2011 Supplement (Gale/Catholic University of America Press). The two volumes focus on Catholic literature, music and art. They include more than 350 new or revised signed entries on a global range of artists, works, and art periods and movements, as well as comprehensive essays on Architecture and Catholicism, Film and Catholicism, History of Liturgical Music, Television and Catholicism, Popular Culture and Catholicism, Women Artists and the Church, Performance Art and Catholicism and many other topics. Besides editing the literature section, Reichardt wrote the essay on Literature and Catholicism. UST contributors of entries include Drs. Ray MacKenzie (English Department, College of Arts and Sciences), Rev. Martin Warren (English Department), David Foote (History Department, College of Arts and Sciences), Jane Tar (Classical and Modern Languages Department, College of Arts and Sciences) and Rev. Michael Keating (Catholic Studies Department), as well as James Rogers (Center for Irish Studies), David Deavel (Catholic Studies Department) and Andrew Leet (English Department). Access to an e-copy of the volumes is available at the UST Libraries; noncirculating hard copies also are available in the Sitzmann Hall student library. More information about the volumes can be found on the Gale website.

Faculty and students of the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department, College of Arts and Sciences, participated in the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, held in August in Las Vegas. Senior sociology major Mathew Vicknair was among 34 undergraduates (from an applicant pool of more than 100) selected to participate in the ASA Honors Program. Vicknair presented his paper, "Effect of Parents and the Environment on Children’s Socialization and Future Life Achievements." His faculty sponsor was Dr. Meg Wilkes Karraker. Dr. Tanya Gladney participated in "The Best Teacher We Can Be." Gladney was the recipient of a Sage Professional Development Travel Grant Award. Karraker, past president of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honor society, participated in AKD's annual council meeting. She serves as a member of the Honors Program's advisory board and was a discussant for the program's student paper roundtables. She presented "Networks, Capital, and Organizational Growth: A Pilot Study of an Organization Providing Educational Resources for African Girls,” with co-author Sarah Zimmerman ’11. Karraker, a member of the ASA's Department Resources Group, presented "DRG's Mentoring Program" at that group's annual workshop. Finally. Vicknair and Karraker were joined for the annual UST breakfast at the ASA meetings by sociology alumna Dr. Jynette Larshus (assistant professor of sociology, Minot State University).

Students from the Chemistry Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented posters describing their research on Aug. 11 at the Summer Undergraduate Research Expo held at the McNamara Alumni Center of the University of Minnesota and sponsored by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. The participating students, the titles of their posters and their advisers were: Beth Annoni, “Improving Detection Limits (Extractions in the Gas Phase Using Microdialysis Probes),” Zach Henseler, “Microdialysis for Analysis of Nitric Oxide,” and Daphne Welter, “Optimization of Microdialysis Extractions Using Novel Mass Spectrometry Techniques," students of Dr. Tony Borgerding; Rob White, “Characterizing Triclosan Resistance Genes Through Metagenomics,” student of Dr. Justin Donato; Charles Kieffer, “Exploring a New Synthesis of BN-Pyrene,” and Logan McDermott, “Synthesis and Study of 10a-aza-10b-borapyrene,” students of Dr. Eric Fort; Kayla Ryan, “Synthesis of Novel Alkaline-Earth Metal Organic Frameworks,” and Michael Slitts, “A Novel Synthesis of Triazole-Based N-Heterocyclic Carbene Precursors,” students of Dr. Marites Guino-o; Thomas Gentle, “Synthesis of a Novel Polymerizable Isoluminol Derivative,” Gabriella Perell, “Mild Synthetic Reduction of an Amide to an Amine,” and Mark Schwerkoske, “Quaternary Ammonium Compounds as Anti-Malarial Agents,” students of Dr. J. Thomas Ippoliti; Cole Johnson, “The Stabilization of Urease for Use in Analytical Devices (Without the Need of Refrigeration),” student of Dr. Gary Mabbott; Mikhail Klimstra, “A Comprehensive Study of the General Parameters for G-Wire Self-Assembly,” student of Dr. Thomas Marsh; Amy Howard, “Solid-State Studies of Some Strictly Isosteric Organic Molecules,” and Emily Rohkohl, “Weak Intermolecular Interactions in the Crystal Structures of Fluorine-Substituted Glycosylamines,” students of Dr. William Ojala; Kyle Chamberlain and Westley Bauer, “The Effect of Polyethylene Glycol Conjugation on the Binding Affinity of DNA With Polyethylenimine,” Amber Schoenecker, “Interaction of Tat Peptide and Cell Surface Glycosaminoglycans to Aid Understanding of Drug Delivery,” and Jenny Sisombath and Kristen Braden, “Preparation of Model Membranes to Study the Interaction Between Cell-Penetrating Compounds and Proteoglycans,” students of Dr. Lisa Prevette; and James Byrnes, “Assessment of the Viability of Ozonation as a Water Treatment Method for the Elimination of the Antibiotic Roxithromycin,” Wendy Consoer and Samuel Jensen, “Determining Current Sulfamethoxazole and Streptomycin Resistance Levels in the Minnesota River,” Samuel Jensen (with Dr. Dalma Martinovic, Biology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, “Estrogenic Activity of UV Filter Photoproducts,” and Maia Moffatt and James Byrnes, “Significance of Antibacterial Resistance to Tetracycline and Tylosin in the Minnesota River,” students of Dr. Kris Wammer.