Professional Notes

Dr. Massimo Faggioli, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences,  had his book, Vatican II:  The Battle for Meaning, selected as American Magazine’s book club selection for March.

Dr. Philippe Gagnon, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of "Remarques sur le projet essentialiste de Brian Ellis en philosophie de la nature" [Remarks on the Essentialist Project of Brian Ellis in the Philosophy of Nature], published in the March issue of Eikasia. Revista de filosofía, Vol 43: pp. 61-94.

Dr. Bruce Gleason, Music Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of an article titled "Military Music in the 106th Cavalry: The Mounted Band of the Chicago Black Horse Troop, 1929-1940" that was published in the winter 2011 issue of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (Vol. 104, No. 4) Included in the article is information based on interviews with Dr. Francis Mayer (1912-2007) who rode with the band as a clarinetist from 1929 to 1933, and retired as the UST director of bands and music department chair in 1982.

Dr. Shersten Johnson, Music Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented "Cruel Rhythms and Musical Blows" at the Music and the Body interdisciplinary conference held March 9, in Hong Kong.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, was an invited speaker at the Crossroads Irish-American Festival in San Francisco. Rogers participated in a program on “Irish American in Popular Culture,” held March 10, at the San Francisco Public Library.

Graduate English students Brittany Kallman Arneson and Stephanie Bell presented papers at the Feb. 25 Medieval and Renaissance Students' Association (MaRSA) Conference held Feb.  25, at California State University – Long Beach. Bell presented "Theological and Cultural Implications of the Cross as a Christ Figure in The Dream of the Rood" and Kallman Arneson presented "The Nativity Scene as Cultivated Vision in The Second Shepherds' Play."