Professional Notes

Dr. Bonnie Holte Bennett, Graduate Programs in Software, served on a special expert panel for the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. Ramsey County is evaluating alternatives for implementing a new personnel and payroll computer system, and Bennett served on an external panel of experts to evaluate plans for the board of commissioners. Bennett's home page is

Dr. Mel Gray, Graduate School of Business and Economics Department, recently attended the annual meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action in Arlington, Va. He presented a paper, "Frequency of Arts Participation: TOBIT Analysis of the 1992 SPPA." He also chaired and served as a discussant at a session, "Applications of Economics to Nonprofit Revenues: Surpluses, Savings and Diversification of Revenue Sources.

Jeannine Harff, Specialized Services, recently received the Professional Service Award of the Minnesota Association for Continuing Education at its annual conference. MACAE presents the award to an outstanding counselor, teacher, administrator or program developer who has made a major contribution to the field, showing professionalism, imagination and competence.

Dr. Sandra Johnson, Center for Family Enterprise, Graduate School of Business, was re-elected to a three-year term on the national Body of Knowledge Advisory Committee to the Family Firm Institute. The committee is the institute's primary educational arm.

Dr. Mitchell Kusy, Organization Learning and Development Department, School of Education, was a featured speaker at the recent Midwest-Southern conference of the Medical Group Management Association. The titles of his presentations, based on his research, were "Change Management That Works" and "The Leader of the Future."

Dr. Richard Raschio, Modern and Classical Languages Department, presented a paper, "Professional Journals: A Tool for Methods Courses," at the annual conference of the Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures on Oct. 29.

Dr. Jeri Rockett, Counseling and Career Services, recently was elected to a second term on the governing board of the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors at the association's annual meeting in Miami Beach, Fla. At the conference Rockett also conducted a meeting of Minnesota counseling center directors.

Dr. Thomas Sturm, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science Department, presented a program on the biological effects of radio-frequency energy at Hamfest Minnesota and Computer Expo in St. Paul. His presentation, "Visualizing RF Safety," demonstrated similarities between radio frequency and light to simplify the understanding of how to keep the use of radio transmitters (including cellular phones) both legal and safe. Sturm also gave an extended presentation on the same topic to the St. Paul Radio Club.