Professional Notes

Dr. Ellen Kennedy, Service Learning, is the author of an article, “Passion and Practice in Service-Learning,”  published in Service-Learning and Undergraduate sociology: Syllabi and Instructional Materials, a publication of the American Sociological Association. The article addressed key components in working with community partners and students. Kennedy’s syllabus for Sociology 100 also is in the volume.

Dr. Mitchell Kusy, Organization Learning and Development, was the keynote speaker for the Minnesota Medical Group management Association’s annual conference Aug. 9.  He focused on exchanging outmoded leadership practices for contemporary, successful ones. He was invited to give this presentation after keynoting the national Medical Group management Association last October in Atlanta.

Dr. Mark Neuzil, Journalism and Mass Communication Department, was a keynote speaker at the Speaking of Wilderness Conference hosted by Sigurd Olson’s Listening Point Foundation Aug. 10 in Ely. Neuzil spoke on “The Duties of the Wilderness Writer.”

Dr. Nick Nissley, Organization Learning and Development Department, and Dr. David Barry of the University of Auckland organized a professional development workshop at the Academy of management meeting Aug. 3-8 in Washington, D.C. The workshop was titled “States of the Art: The Theory, Practice and Research of Artful Inquiry and Intervention,” building on their scholarship and practice in the area of arts-based learning in management and executive education. Nissley also was a facilitator and discussant at two other sessions.