Manjeet Rege

Professor Manjeet Rege Named as Leading Academic Data Leader for 2023

Dr. Manjeet Rege, professor and chair of the Department of Software Engineering and Data Science at the University of St. Thomas, was named as a Leading Academic Data Leader for 2023 by CDO Magazine (Chief Data Officer), which is their definitive compilation celebrating individuals at the forefront of data leadership in the academic sphere.

Rege sits alongside educators at the country’s most recognizable and distinguished universities, including Columbia, Harvard, Michigan, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and USC. “It is truly humbling and inspiring to be honored and recognized alongside education luminaries. This recognition is not just a personal achievement but a reflection of the collective efforts of my amazing colleagues that I work with. Being acknowledged reinforces the belief that our work in these fields is not only impactful but also aligned with the broader mission of transforming education for the better,” he said.

CDO Magazine is the premier global digital publication giving voice to global executives in strategic data, analytics, AI and security roles. Their mission is to build a trusted network among peers, champion collaboration on common interests and challenges, elevate the CDO profile, and feature global thought leaders. Led by a distinguished group of top executives on their Global Editorial Board, they champion the best companies, leaders, and innovative trends in data and technology.

“This recognition speaks volumes about the quality and impact of the educational programs we have cultivated at St. Thomas in the realms of data science and artificial intelligence (AI),” Rege said. “It underscores the alignment of our programs with the ever-evolving industry trends, demonstrating their relevance and contemporary nature. We take pride in our commitment to innovation and practical application, ensuring that our students gain not only theoretical knowledge but also the hands-on skills required to address complex real-world challenges.”

“The opportunity to stand alongside luminaries in education serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement, encouraging us to strive for even greater excellence and innovation in our programs. It is a reminder of the responsibility we bear in shaping the future of data-driven education and the importance of sharing knowledge, collaborating, and setting high standards,” he noted.

Rege is chair and professor of Graduate Programs in Software and Data Science as well as director of the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of St. Thomas. He is an author, mentor, thought leader and frequent public speaker on data science strategy, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies. 

Graduate Programs in Software at the University of St. Thomas, founded in 1985, is one of the largest, most established, and ethnically diverse programs in the U.S., with more than 4,000 alumni from 39 states and 14 countries. They rank as the No. 5 Master’s in Data Science program in the U.S. by Fortune.

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