Green Team Celebrates America Recycles Day

The St. Thomas Green Team will be celebrating America Recycles Day today.

America Recycles Day has been held every Nov. 15 since 1997; it is a day to remember that the little things can make a difference in the environment. Throwing a plastic bottle in a recycling bin, for example, takes seconds. Cardboard and paper also are everyday materials that can be easily recycled in bins located throughout the campus.

The green team will host pinwheel games outside the north campus cafeteria during convocation hour today, Tuesday, Nov. 15; participants can win prizes such as T-shirts, buttons, pencils, stickers and a grand prize that will involve the Bookstore.

“One of the first steps to leading an environmentally friendly life is to reduce, then reuse and finally recycle,” remarked Dharam Dhami, a Green Team member. “So come join us in supporting America Recycles Day during convo hour.”

For more information email Lewis Segl.