School is starting!

School is starting and I'm thrilled! I have been busy with homework and preparing for classes for the past several months.

A 700-page marketing textbook has accompanied me to lunch most days. A huge sheet of paper covers my table at home as I prepare to make a mind map for my stats/decision making class. And a stack of articles has been filed in a binder and will be read this weekend. Gone are the nights of endless freedom to do what I want, watch what I want, and go out when I want. Like a little kid, Mondays through Fridays are school nights.

Since beginning this whole MBA process, I've become more focused on my career. I look at relationships not as a means of survival or for passing the time, but as partnerships in the making. My perspective when I approach problems is expanding instead of narrowing, which fosters better solutions. And this is only beginning... I can't wait to start classes!

Last week I had orientation and I am thrilled to meet my fellow students. One woman--a friend of my colleague--is also starting the program, so we are planning to meet before hand. Colleges are notorious centers of idea exchange. Couple that with a bunch of students practicing real world business and it's a recipe for collaborative learning. I can't wait!