Selim Center Hosts Lecture Tomorrow on 'Communication and Intimacy as We Age'

The Selim Center for Learning in Later Years invites students, faculty and staff to a lecture by Dr. Jon Nussbaum, professor of communication arts and sciences, and human development and family studies at Penn State University, on Thursday, April 19, in Woulfe Alumni Hall. He will speak on “Communication and Intimacy as We Age.”

Dr. Jon Nussbaum

Dr. Jon Nussbaum

The campus community is invited to attend the lecture portion of the evening at no charge; UST ID will be required. Entrance for those who wish to attend the lecture will take place at 6:15 p.m. (A dinner will be held earlier for those who preregistered.)

Nussbaum notes that “relationship intimacy is critical for each individual as they age and attempt to maintain a high quality of life. Intimacy is best understood as a communicative process involving the constant negotiation of the level, type and physical manifestation of that intimacy. As the nature of intimacy changes across the life span, it is important to recognize and understand the various factors, such as gender, cultural norms, interpersonal skills, and physical limitations that both enhance and limit our ability to maintain a high level of intimacy as we age.”

Nussbaum has published numerous books and journal articles studying communication behaviors and patterns throughout an individual’s life. His current research centers on intimacy across the life span.

The event is co-sponsored with the Family Studies Department and Alumni Association. For more information contact the Selim Center, (651) 962-5188.