Pitch in for Recyclemania 2012

Through the end of March, St. Thomas is competing against other colleges and universities in Recyclemania, a nationwide recycling competition. To check out how well St. Thomas is doing, visit the Recyclemania website. 

You can help by stepping up recycling habits:

 Recycling tips

  • Before putting items in the trash, remember that a recycling can is usually not far away. For more information on what can and cannot be recycled and where to recycle, click here.
  • These items are all recyclable at UST
    • Batteries, cell phones and cartridges (drop off in the UST Mail Room)
    • Paper, plastic and glass
    • Cans, aluminum and cardboard (clean of all waste)
    • All florescent lights (contact Building Service workers for assistance)
    • All phone books (stack next to recycling containers for pickup)
    • Magazines, catalogs, books and junk mail
  • Use the printer wisely. Save paper by printing on both sides of the page (also save on the printing quota at UST). Ask professors if they mind getting two-sided papers. Many don’t mind; in addition, many printers have multiple settings for print quality. Save ink: Use lower settings on less important documents or consider what’s being printed; perhaps it could be read from the computer.
  • Students living in a dorm or planning a party, resist the urge to buy disposable cups and plates. These products cannot be recycled. Use inexpensive plates that can be washed and save money in the long run. This goes for paper napkins as well; they add up quickly so be careful with how many are used.
  • Get fluorescent light bulbs. They cost more but last longer and ultimately are money-savers.
  • Walk, bike and limit the use of a car. Most campuses (such as St. Thomas) are pedestrian friendly. There also are free shuttles downtown and a city bus stop on the same street. Those who don’t own a car (or use one as little as possible) will save on gas, repairs and other expenses.
  • Carry a water bottle. Think of how many bottles of water get consumed on campus every day. Save waste and money by carrying a refillable water bottle.
  • Use a refillable binder. Instead of notebooks, use a binder for a simple way to save waste. Students who wish to save their notes after the semester can take them out and staple them together, or go all electronic and take notes on a computer.

SIFE and the Green Team thank the campus community for increasing recycling efforts and reducing waste on behalf of a cleaner, more sustainable world.