Soft Launch Underway, Full Launch Oct. 30 for OneStThomas Intranet

The soft launch of OneStThomas is underway, with early adopters being trained in and starting to use the university's new intranet platform. OneStThomas will combine online tools and information for faculty, staff and students in an easy-access, personalized format.

"OneStThomas gives us some outstanding new tools that will make communication throughout the university community much easier," said Vern Klobassa, director of communication and training for Student Affairs. "I’m excited about the ability for individuals to subscribe to particular categories, and for news and event creators to be able to assign their content to those categories. We will have an easier time getting the right information to the right people.”

A mockup image shows the landing page of OneStThomas.

With a stated vision that “students, faculty and staff use OneStThomas, a secured intranet, for communications, resources and social engagement within the university community,” the intranet will serve as a digital “wrapper” for Office365, SharePoint technologies and internal campus communications. OneStThomas will operate with Unily, an award-winning platform developed by BrightStarr.

“Unily ties together so many of the things that historically have been very separated on our campus: our communications, our collaboration platforms and our projects,” said Dr. Ed Clark, vice president for technology and chief information officer at St. Thomas.

OneStThomas will bring together news, alerts, events, schedules and Office 365 applications all into one place for St. Thomas community members.

OneStThomas will become the go-to online home for St. Thomas community members’ internal news, notices and alerts, while the Newsroom expands its role as the destination for dynamic content telling the stories of St. Thomas.

OneStThomas’ connecting power aims to improve users’ experience in several ways:

  • Developing a more collaborative, innovative, and engaged workforce and student body with an integrated digital workspace.
  • Fostering cross-functional collaboration and employee engagement with focused, timely and relevant communications.
  • Reducing legal, competitive and privacy risks by securing internal content currently on the public website.
  • Increasing employee effectiveness and efficiency by improving the accessibility and find-ability of current and relevant university content.

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