St. Thomas’ Payroll Direct Deposits did not Happen This Morning; Employees Should Check Their Accounts After Noon Today

The University of St. Thomas experienced a problem in electronically crediting employee bank accounts for payroll this morning, Friday, July 1.  None of the employee deposits were made as scheduled.  This includes exempt, nonexempt, union and student employees.

 The recovery plan to ensure that employees are paid today is:

  • Funds will be wired to each individual employee bank account rather than the normal direct-deposit process.
  • This wire transfer may show up with a different description in an employee’s bank account than the normal direct-deposit description.
  • The wire-transfer process may result in a fee charged by the employee’s bank to the employee.
  • There will be an extra $20 included in the payroll deposit to cover the cost of this wire-transfer fee.
  • It is expected that the wire transfers will be deposited in employees’ accounts this morning.
  • Please check your bank account after noon today, Friday, July 1, to ensure the wire was received and the funds were deposited to your account.

If you have any questions, or the deposit did not show up in your account after noon today, please contact Barb Clausen at (651) 962-6514 or Annie Hanebuth at (651) 962-6508.