St. Thomas welcomes new employees

St. Thomas welcomes 10 new employees

The University of St. Thomas welcomes the following 10 employees who recently joined the campus community.

Welcome to:

  • Durwin Long, assistant dean, executive development, Opus College of Business
  • Terry Pretzloff, security officer, Public Safety
  • Vicki Procaccini, building service worker, Physical Plant
  • Steve Rentz, academic counselor, Academic Counseling
  • Benjamin Roby, central systems administrator I, Information Technology
  • Gary Rondeau, maintenance engineer, Physical Plant
  • Samson Shewandagne, application developer, School of Education
  • Mary Stewart, building service worker, Physical Plant
  • Jessica Webb, program manager of judicial affairs and student orientation, Dean of Students Office
  • Lisa Zummach,accounting clerk II, Business Office

If you or someone you know was appointed to a full- or part-time regular position during the past two weeks but is not highlighted here, call the Human Resources Department, (651) 962-6510.