Stay healthy this fall and winter

Stay healthy this fall and winter

From Student Health Service and Wellness Center

The fall season brings beautiful leaves as well as demanding course schedules, close living quarters and, many times, decreased sleep for students. This time of year is also when there is a sharp increase in colds, flu, mononucleosis and other illnesses.

The University of St. Thomas Student Health Service and Wellness Center can assist students in staying healthy. Participation in physical activities that are offered on campus such as organized sports, kickboxing and yoga can help prevent illness and promote wellness. Good self-care is critical in remaining healthy. This includes eating a balanced diet and getting adequate sleep and exercise.

Students also are encouraged to receive a flu vaccination this fall. Student Health Service will offer flu clinics when UST’s shipment arrives, hopefully in late October or early November. Students, faculty and staff will be notified of these clinics through Bulletin Today.

In addition, Student Health Service announces its participation in the Pertussis Surveillance Project through the Minnesota Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control. Minnesota, like other parts of the nation, is experiencing an increase in reported cases of pertussis. This project will assist in determining the actual prevalence of pertussis (whooping cough) in this state.

Pertussis is a disease that affects the lungs and is spread from person to person through the air. A person with pertussis develops a severe cough that usually lasts for four to six weeks. To date, there have not been any confirmed pertussis cases reported on this campus; however, as a result of this project, more students who meet specific criteria will be tested. This does not mean that a student necessarily has pertussis, only that St. Thomas is increasing its surveillance and testing for the disease. Additional information is available on the Minnesota Department of Health Web site.

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact Student Health Service, (651) 962-6750. Also, visit the Student Health Service and Wellness Center Web sites for more information on ways to stay healthy.