Strategic Planning Subcommittees Announced

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee has announced the formation of subcommittees for the ongoing work related to the seven strategic working goals. The lists for the subcommittees can be found on the Strategic Planning website.

The steering committee received nearly 200 nominations for these positions and has collaborated with the president’s senior staff to finalize the assignments.

Each committee was selected based on a set of criteria to include individuals who represent expertise, diversity in the broadest sense, working knowledge of the university, and willingness to participate. Members do not represent specific units in the university, however. Steering committee co-chair Corrine Carvalho noted that the process for selecting the subcommittees was challenging due to the quality of the large pool of candidates being considered. "The nomination process demonstrated how deeply engaged the whole community is in this ongoing work," said Carvalho.

Members of the St. Thomas community are encouraged to stay updated via the Strategic Planning website, where the steering committee will list upcoming opportunities for input regarding the goals. In addition, there are online feedback forms for each goal.

The subcommittees will facilitate the next stage of strategic planning by gathering information from surveys, facilitating opportunities for community feedback, and meeting with multiple stakeholders. Based on this work, they will draft specific objectives for each goal, which will be achieved through initiatives based on the information and input they gather from the community at large. These proposed objectives and initiatives will be sent to the president’s office for final approval before going on to the Board of Trustees in the fall.

According to Carvalho, the success of this venture depends on the ongoing engagement of the whole St. Thomas committee. If you would like to have a subcommittee meet with your unit or a particular group on campus, contact members of that committee.