Student Health Service offers H1N1 vaccinations again today

The University of St. Thomas Student Health Service still has a limited supply of H1N1 vaccine and will offer vaccinations again today, Tuesday, Dec. 1, as long as supplies of the vaccine last.

Madonna McDermott, director of the Student Health Service and Wellness Center, reported a strong turnout for the vaccinations yesterday, the first day that they were available on campus.

Like yesterday, the vaccinations will be available to students who meet the following criteria.

• All students through age 24.
• Students ages 25 through 64 with a chronic medical condition that puts them at higher risk of medical complications from influenza.
• Pregnant women.

The Tommie Triage Trailer, located on the north campus between Brady and Morrison residence halls, again will serve as the distribution site for vaccine administration. The H1N1 vaccine clinic will run today from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., or as long as the supply of vaccine lasts. A $10 administration fee will be charged, which can be billed to student accounts, insurance or paid at the time of administration.

Students who are ill today should not go to the Tommie Triage Trailer; students who are ill should instead call the Student Health Service, (651) 962-6750, to schedule an appointment.

For more information call the Student Health Service, (651) 962-6750.