Thanks go to faculty who used service-learning in their 2008-09 courses

Thanks go to faculty who used service-learning in their
2008-09 courses

From the Office of Service-Learning

In 2008-09, faculty involved in service-learning pedagogies engaged their students in the lived experience of academic concepts.

These faculty members contextualized learning and expanded the walls of their classrooms to encompass: Twin Cities high schools, programs for single mothers and their children, organizations delivering meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence shelters, mental health facilities, legal clinics, a native Hawaiian school, an agribusiness network in Mali (to name just a few).

The Office of Service-Learning recognizes and thanks all of the faculty who taught courses using service-learning this year: 26 individual faculty from 13 departments who offered 55 sections of 31 courses, in partnership with a wide variety of community organizations:

  • Elise Amel, PSYC 342: Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Tonia Bock, PSYC 203: Psychology of Adolescence
  • Lauren Braswell, PSYC 428: Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Sheila Brommel, SOWK 402: Generalist Practice for Social Change
  • Carol Bruess, Kris Bunton, Tom Connery and Wendy Wyatt, COJO 111: Communication and Citizenship
  • Susan Callaway, ENGL 190: Critical Reading and Writing; ENGL 300: Theory and Practice of Writing; and ENGL 300 Theory and Practice of Writing for Center for Writing Consultants
  • John Del Vecchio, BLAW 301: Legal Environment of Business
  • Dina Gavrilos, COJO 470: Advertising and PR Campaigns
  • Heidi Giebel, PHIL 354: Biomedical Ethics
  • Steve Hansen, CISC 200: Introduction to Computer Technology and Business Applications
  • Angela High-Pippert, POLS 205: Introduction to the American Public Policy Process
  • Kelli Larson, ENGL 112: Critical Reading and Writing II
  • Jill Manske, BIOL 490: Topics: Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Jennifer McGuire, ESCI 310: Environmental Problem Solving
  • Amy Muse, ENGL 111: Critical Reading and Writing I
  • Susan Myers, THEO 101: Christian Theological Tradition; and THEO 359: Women in the Early Church
  • Jack Nelson- Pallmeyer, JPST 250: Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies
  • Debra Petersen, UMAIE: Hawaii: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations
  • Ernest Owens, MGMT 384: Project Management
  • Roxanne Prichard, PSYC 401: Physiological Psychology
  • Tim Scully, COJO 360: Videography: TV Production in the Field; and UMAIE: Hawaii: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations
  • Arkady Shemyakin, MATH 314: Mathematical Statistics; and MATH 333: Applied Statistical Methods
  • Susan Smith-Cunnien, SOCI 498: Mali Agribusiness Network
  • Phil Stoltzfus, JPST 250: Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies
  • John Tauer, PSYC 151: Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Mary Twite, THEO 215: Christian Morality
  • Kimberly Vrudny, THEO 200: Christian Belief: Ancient and Contemporary; and IDSC 480: Community Action and Social Change
  • Lisa Waldner, SOCI 210: Research Methods in Sociology; and SOCI 220: Sociological Analysis

Many thanks as well to the members of the Service-Learning Advisory Board, who support and facilitate community-based learning from every corner of the university:

  • Meghan Allen Eliason, director, Center for Intercultural Learning and Community Engagement
  • Barb Baker, program manager, Service-Learning
  • Kathy Bredesen, office manager, Legal Services Clinic, Interprofessional Center
  • Carol Bruess, associate professor, Communication and Journalism
  • Kate Caffrey, director, Tutor-Mentor Program
  • Barbara Gorski, director, Business 200
  • Mary Hernández, office coordinator, International Education Center
  • Susan Spray, director of corporate and foundation relations
  • Tim Scully, associate professor, Communication and Journalism
  • Nancy Utoft, director of community relations, School of Divinity
  • Kimberly Vrudny, associate professor, Theology
  • Doug Warring, professor, Education