The summer before B-school: Advice to the Incoming Class

The month of June is just over halfway complete and July is right around the corner. As I continue to make the re-adjustment from full-time MBA student to young working professional, I stop for a moment to realize that all across the country, the new full-time MBA class of 2014 is preparing for their journey… not quite sure what to expect about the road ahead of them, but definitely ready to dive into the list of items that they received as part of their admitted student acceptance packet.

I pause and continue to take a moment to reminisce about my pre-MBA experience and remember the excitement, the anticipation as well as the nervousness that I had in preparing for this moment. Below is a list of 5 ideas that you, the class of 2014 can do over the summer to help prepare you, for the next step in the MBA process:

  1. Review and complete the items on the checklist provided within the acceptance packet
    The MBA staff has taken the time to ensure that they have assembled a list of items designed to get you started on the right track for business school. Be sure to complete all of the items thoroughly to ensure that you are off to a great start.
  2. Brush up on your quantitative skills
    Having had a liberal arts education with a double major in Spanish and Communication, I did not have a lot of quantitative classes before coming into the program. Reviewing quantitative problems provided in the MBA Math review helped to get me up to speed and ready for the classes in which I was about to begin.
  3. Begin to consider and connect with employers for potential internship opportunities
    Your first semester will be hectic and filled with classes, assignments and a lot of group work as well as fun activities. It is to your advantage to get ahead of the internship and career search process as soon as possible, no better time than the summer.
  4. Try to connect with a few of your incoming classmates
    Establishing connections with your classmates before the program begins allows you to learn more about the backgrounds of other students. This will also help you to identify many similarities as well as differences between you and your new classmates.
  5. Relax
    The next two years of your life will be filled with a lot of excitement, but will also be a very busy time of your life. The MBA program will be demanding on your schedule, but will provide a very rewarding experience when complete. Take the time to enjoy your pre-MBA life!!

This list is only a small snapshot of what you can do to prepare for the upcoming year, there are lots of other things that you can do over the summer to get ready, which leaves me asking the question, are you part of the Class of 2014? What are you doing this summer to prepare for your MBA experience? Have you already graduated or been out of business school for some time? What advice would you give to the incoming class of 2014 on how best to prepare for their MBA experience?