For the third straight summer, ThreeSixty Journalism gave high schools students a hands-on, expert-led training in radio journalism through ThreeSixty Journalism/MPR News Radio Camp.

Over five days students learned how radio is unique and built skills around writing and interviewing for radio. They then embarked on their own radio adventure at Juxtaposition Arts in north Minneapolis for interviews and sound gathering.

ThreeSixty Journalism and MPR News first partnered for Radio Camp in summer 2017. The radio camp is in memory of longtime MPR News employee and champion of ThreeSixty Toni Randolph.

ThreeSixty Journalism is a nonprofit program of the College of Arts and Sciences, and uses the principles of strong writing and reporting to help diverse Minnesota youth tell the stories of their lives and communities. Each year, a ThreeSixty student is named a ThreeSixty Scholar and receives a full-tuition, four-year scholarship to study communication and journalism at St. Thomas; this year’s ThreeSixty Scholar, Heidi Sanchez Avila, will start at St. Thomas in the fall.

Below are the eight stories completed by students this summer.

A New Skate Park in North Minneapolis
By Datelle Straub
Coach: Sam Choo – “All Things Considered” Senior Producer

The Magic of Graphic Design
By Fran Aravena
Coach: Bill Wareham – MPR News Editor

An Old Wall, a New Mural and an Opportunity to Collaborate
By Jacqueline Martinez
Coach: Alisa Roth – MPR News Mental Health Correspondent

Sparking Community Solutions … with Bubbles
By Josie Morss
Coach: Alex Baumhardt – APM Reports Associate Producer

The Future of the Skate Park
By Josiah Lemm
Coach: Curtis Gilbert – APM Reports Reporter

Roger Cummings, Co-Founder
By Samira Mohamed
Coach: Molly Bloom – Brains On! Host

Alex Smith, Designer and Educator
By Ayo Olagbaju
Coach: Tom Scheck – APM Reports Reporter

The Essence of Essence
By Safiya Mohamed
Coach: Riham Feshir – MPR News Reporter

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