Tonia Bock Named Director of Accreditation and Assessment

The Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Tonia Bock, Professor of Psychology, as the Director for Accreditation and Assessment for the university. Dr. Bock brings extensive experience with assessment and accreditation, in addition to her outstanding record as a faculty member. In this capacity she will serve as the University’s liaison to the Higher Learning Commission and other key agencies, as well as chair the University Assessment Committee and the Graduate Curriculum Committee. She will report to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Dr. Robert Riley.

Dr. Bock is an educational and developmental psychologist who specializes in moral development. She has taught Lifespan Development, Psychology of Adolescence, Psychological Testing, General Psychology and History of Psychology in Social Context, and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame in Development Psychology.

Dr. Bock notes that she is  “… excited about working with my colleagues across the University of St. Thomas on assessment and accreditation. I have truly enjoyed sharing my passion for measurement and assessment with my students and department colleagues in the past, and I am now delighted to support and assist faculty and staff across campus in their ongoing assessment work.”