top spaces to study at st thomas

Top Spaces to Study at St. Thomas' St. Paul Campus

Can’t find a spot at the library? St. Thomas has no shortage of great study spots on its St. Paul campus ... if you know where to find them. Student Affairs' student workers did the hard work and put together a list of the top study spots on campus.

1. Empty Murray Classrooms 

Where to find them: second floor of Murray-Herrick Campus Center

Believe it or not, Murray classrooms are unlocked until 10 p.m. (when the building closes). They are great for group work, or just to spread out. You've been warned, though, be prepared to pack up if anyone has the room reserved!

2. Library Study Rooms 

Where to find them: scattered throughout O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library

Most students come to the library and take any table they can get; sometimes they end up disappointed in the location they wind up at. Take guessing out of the equation with a library room reservation!  Reserve rooms for up to two hours at a time:

3. South Campus Grotto 

Where to find it: the grassy area between Brady Educational Center (BEC) and Grace Hall

South campus is usually quieter than north campus, and if you enjoy being outdoors but don't like being distracted, check out the south campus Grotto! There are some tables, a few Adirondack chairs, and plenty of grass to spread a blanket out on.

4. The Center for Student Achievement (Formerly known as “the Blue Lagoon”) 

Where to find it: first floor of Murray-Herrick Campus Center by Academic Counseling and the Card Office

Newly renovated this August, this is sure to be the studying “hot spot” with individual, group and collaborative spaces including SMART boards. To learn more about the Center for Student Achievement, check out

5. Koch Commons 

Where to find it: between the Brady and Dowling Hall entrances by the Koch (pronounced "coach") desk.

With numerous tables and chairs, a view of the upper quad, and the occasional piano serenade, Koch Commons is the perfect easy access location that many don't consider.

6. O'Shaughnessy Educational Center (OEC) Lobby / Foyer 

Where to find it: OEC is located by Murray-Herrick Campus Center and the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library.

On the first floor of OEC you'll find numerous tables, chairs and even couches that are perfect for studying.


Where to find it: lower level of O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library

While mainly known for its technology, this space also has numerous tables, chairs and couches. Be sure to take advantage of all STELAR has to offer.

8. Dorsey Commons 

Where to find it: second floor of the Anderson Student Center.

Sporting a great view of the lower quad, this location has several high top tables as well as four-person tables with plenty of space.

9. McNeely Hall Lounge Spaces 

Where to find it: the building on the corner of Summit and Cleveland avenues

This has to be one of the most underrated spaces on campus! Almost always open, McNeely has at least two lounge-type areas with tables, chairs, and that sweet, sweet quiet.

10. Study Abroad Office Furniture 

Where to find it: second floor of Murray-Herrick Campus Center, right outside of the Study Abroad office.

This brand-new furniture couldn't have a much more convenient home. Right by classrooms, the library and the quad, this is also a great "in-between" place to hang out if you're waiting for someone.

11. Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library

Where to find it: Tucked between the Grotto and the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity on south campus.

From its sun-drenched reference room to its private study rooms to its spaces outdoors overlooking the Grotto, Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library is a great study destination for any St. Thomas student.

12. O'Shaughnessy Science Hall 

Where to find it: OSS is located just south of Summit Avenue.

In the basement, there are several computers as well as tables and chairs open for all students to use. In addition, the skyway between Owens Science Hall and O'Shaughnessy Science Hall has several high top tables.

13. Club Hub 

Where to find it: third floor of the Anderson Student Center, left of the top of the stairs.

While the Loft is definitely one of the most popular study spaces, just next door in the Club Hub lies one of the most underused spaces. There is an entire computer lab and printer within the Club Hub and a few tables as well. Why not grab a coffee at the Loft while you're at it?

14. Outdoors behind Anderson Student Center  

Where to find it: the grassy space along Summit Avenue, near the shuttle stop.

In addition to plenty of grass to stretch out on, there are a few wooden tables and chairs right by the entrance to the student center that are available for use.

15. Anderson Student Center Meeting Rooms  

Where to find it: all throughout the Anderson Student Center.

Anderson Student Center offers unused meeting rooms as study rooms to St. Thomas students with a valid St. Thomas ID after 6 p.m. during the week and after noon on weekends. Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis for up to two hours at a time. Study room reservations can be extended at the end of the two-hour period as long as there are no other students waiting.

16. Create[space] 

Where to find it: first floor of the Anderson Student Center behind the staircase next to Tommie Central.

When there isn't an event going on, Create[space] is a quiet space with comfortable couches and plenty of puzzles and games to take breaks with.