Two Internships at the Vatican's UN Mission to be Offered Next September

St. Thomas students and recent alumni have an opportunity to work at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. As interns to the Permanent Observer of the Holy See (the Vatican), the interns will act as staff to the members of the mission and perform such responsibilities as monitoring the actions of U.N. bodies and representing the Holy See in various meetings.

Both 2012 internships will run from early September to the end of December. Each intern will receive a stipend of $800 per month; additionally, the university will assist students with living arrangements. Students may apply regardless of academic major, subject to the qualifications listed below.

All students filling this internship should:

  • Be a senior, graduate student or recent graduate of St. Thomas;
  • Have a strong academic record;
  • Have a demonstrated knowledge of and interest in international politics, economics or law;
  • Be of good moral character and informed in Catholic social teaching.

Selection Process

Applications must be completed by Feb. 8, 2012, for the internships beginning on Sept. 1. Applicants should submit a 500- to 1,000-word letter expressing interest in the position and highlighting qualifications for it. Each applicant should provide official transcripts of all academic work from all institutions attended, at the undergraduate and graduate level; this includes transfer as well as St. Thomas coursework. Applicants also should arrange for three letters of recommendation, including at least two from St. Thomas faculty members.

Send all application materials to Dr. Susan Alexander, AQU 102.

Selection of the interns will be directed by a committee of faculty and administrators at the university. Finalists will be announced by March 2, 2012. All finalists should expect to be interviewed by the selection committee and by Archbishop Francis Chulikatt, permanent observer of the Holy See at the United Nations.