Update Mailing Address on Murphy Online by Jan. 8

To receive your W-2, your mailing address on Murphy Online must be updated by Friday, Jan. 8. If you have moved and your address has not been updated, your W-2 will be sent to the incorrect address as post offices do not forward W-2s.

When logging into Murphy Online, please be sure to update your "Home Primary Residence" to your current address. This is the only address your W-2 will be mailed to.

If your paycheck or direct deposit goes to your home address, please be sure to also update the "Payroll Check Mail Address" as well.

Below is an example to reference:


W-2s will be mailed out by Jan. 31 and will also be available to print on Murphy Online. A communication will be made once the W-2s are ready to be mailed and available on Murphy Online. W-2s will not be available for pickup or to be reprinted by Payroll unless you are a terminated employee with no access to Murphy Online.

If you have any questions, please email the Payroll Department or call (651) 962-6494.