UST in the News

UST in the news

Here's a roundup of recent stories of interest that mention St. Thomas.

Read the stories by clicking on the links. Links do expire and change as papers move stories to “archive” status, so be sure to read stories soon if you’re interested. In some cases, you’ll need to register on the publication’s Web site in order to access the stories.

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  • “Psychologist faces more charges,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 11, 2005. “[Michael] Nilan, who has practiced for more than 20 years, is known for specializing in sex offender treatment. But he allegedly gave inconsistent testimony about his education, leading a Hennepin County prosecutor to confront him. Nilan received a master's degree from the University of St. Thomas in counseling psychology and he received his doctorate after taking one class from a correspondence school based in Gulfport, Miss.”
  • “Shooter,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 11, 2005. Sports columnist Charley (“Shooter”) Walters writes, “ Terry Skrypek, who quietly has coached the University of St. Thomas to the second round of the NCAA Division III men's hockey playoffs, never has experienced a losing season during 43 years as a player and coach. During that period, his teams are 663-192-38. ‘You win with good players,’ Skrypek said.”
  • “ Linnea H. Tani: What it means to be in ROTC,” Star Tribune, March 19, 2005. “I am a pacifist and idealist who came of age during the Vietnam War. Imagine my surprise when my then-freshman in high school daughter announced that she intended to participate in an Air Force ROTC program. She is now in her third year of Air Force ROTC training at the University of St. Thomas while majoring in nursing at the College of St. Catherine. The atmosphere in her ROTC detachment is one of respect, support and camaraderie. In her coursework she is encouraged to be a thinker, a problem solver and a team player as well as a leader. I am proud of her accomplishments and have supported her 100 percent in her decision to serve in our military.”
  • “Raising their voices at home,” Star Tribune, March 20, 2005. “‘We were and are part of a global majority who did not want the war ... and now we're working with them to end the illegal occupation of Iraq,’ said Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, an assistant professor of justice and peace studies at the University of St. Thomas.”
  • “On business: To catch a white-collar crook,” Star Tribune, March 20, 2005. “The U.S. attorney's office, joined by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures at the University of St. Thomas and area law schools, also have sponsored heavily attended symposiums featuring once-prominent Twin Cities business people and attorneys who are now shamed jailbirds.”
  • “Business people,” Star Tribune, March 21, 2005. “Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis named Patricia Wilder chief program officer. She had been director of the Center for Nonprofit Management in the College of Business at the University of St. Th
  • “Not a diamond, not so rough,” Star Tribune, March 21, 2005. “Mary Daugherty, associate professor of finance at the University of St. Thomas College of Business, said King and Scott should be aware of the volatility of the fashion industry and the danger of investing more money than they can afford to lose. ‘In such an endeavor as this one, the amount of up-front money invested into the business must be very carefully weighed so as not to dig a deeper long-term financial hole for the entrepreneurs.’ ”
  • “March in Minnesota pales beside Russia's winter white,” Star Tribune, March 21, 2005. “This year, my Russian compulsion came on earlier than usual, and I finally did something about it. In September, I enrolled in a beginning Russian class at the University of St. Thomas. I wanted to be able to say more than ‘ da,’ ‘ nyet’ and my favorite example of onomatopoeia in any language: ‘ snyeck.’ That's the Russian word for ‘snow,’ and it pretty well sums up how I feel about what keeps falling on Minneapolis.”
  • “Obituary: Michael McGuire,” Star Tribune, March 21, 2005. McGuire, 79, was a DFL state representative and senator in the '50s and '60s. “ With assistance from the GI Bill, McGuire went to the College of St. Thomas and received a bachelor's degree in government and education in 1949.”
  • “St. Paul Franciscans aid Schiavo's parents,” Star Tribune, March 24, 2005. “They are the 10 friars of the Franciscan Brothers of Peace. They live in the Queen of Peace Friary, a former convent in the Frogtown neighborhood. Founded in 1982 by a St. Thomas University [sic] graduate, Michael Gaworski, the order serves the poor and victims of torture and is an advocate for prolife positions.”
  • “Greenspan tarnishes his own image,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 24, 2005. The editorialist writes, “I certainly was not alone in my skepticism. The issue came up repeatedly in conversations with other economists at the University of St. Thomas, the College of St. Catherine, Metropolitan State University, Hamline University, Augsburg College, Macalester College and the University of Minnesota. Whenever I raised the question of whether we were in a new era of unending surpluses, I got a collection of derisive snorts, wry grimaces and rolled eyes.”
  • “Minneapolis school gets notice to close,” Star Tribune, March 25, 2005. “It's not a population that fits well into big high schools where non-English speakers are a minority. ‘These students whose English is more challenged get overlooked. They fall behind. They get lost in the shuffle,’ said Ellen Kennedy, a University of St. Thomas professor who has brought St. Thomas and Lincoln students together for cooperative school projects. ‘The thing that my [ St. Thomas ] students always comment about is that there are no discipline issues here. My students say, 'They're so motivated that they really make me feel like I need to work harder,' she said.”
  • “Art calendar,” Star Tribune, March 25, 2005. “University of St. Thomas: "Architecture in Motion," drawings, photographs and models following the history of kinetic architecture. Ends April 4. O'Shaughnessy Educational Center. 2115 Summit Ave., St. Paul. 651-962-6119.”
  • “The Internet is double-edged sword for teens,” Star Tribune, March 26, 2005. “Michael Sticha, 22, is what's known as a ‘ daylogger’ on, meaning that he writes about his day. He updates his site every night, summarizing his activities and thoughts that day. He usually ends it with an editorial about current events. He also posts a photo of himself and his buddies on his LiveJournal site, along with a link to a site where there are more photos. ‘It's to let my friends know what I'm up to. It's an escape for me,’ said Sticha, a senior at the University of St. Thomas. ‘I can jot things down. I can freely write what I'm thinking.’ ”  
  • “For Zambonis, hockey is what it's all about,” Star Tribune, March 26, 2005. “The Zambonis will join the Boston acoustic rock trio Guster on a 12-stop tour starting April 14 in Cleveland. (They will play a "students-only" gig at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul April 29. For more information on concert locations and dates, go to They hope to draw in more fans – and get a few more jerseys to add to their 400-plus collection. In their rider contract, the place where bands can list particular requirements, the Zambonis have asked for two hockey jerseys from each town.”
  • “McNerney makes many short lists,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 26, 2005. “ ‘3M has a long-standing culture of innovation and commitment to delivering value to customers,’ said Christopher Puto, dean of the College of Business at the University of St. Thomas. ‘That's always been there. What McNerney did was shake things up.’ If McNerney did leave, ‘I think it would be a short-term blow, but I think the changes he's made have sustainability,’ Puto said.”
  • “Outside consultant,” Star Tribune, March 28, 2005. Sameer Kumar, Qwest Endowed Chair in Global Communications and Technology Management in the University of St. Thomas College of Business, offers business advice for this weekly feature.
  • “College sports,” Star Tribune, March 30, 2005. “The St. Thomas men's program and Gustavus women's program lead the MIAC All-Sports competition at the end of the winter sports season. St. Thomas has 64.5 points, while Gustavus has 68.5 points.”