Wellness Center creates Facebook site

How many times have you passed by a flier or sign around campus and just haven’t had the time to read it or write it down? Don’t worry – the staff at the Wellness Center understands and wants to make life easier for you. The center has created a Facebook site so you can have the information right in front of you.
Look for “UST Wellness Center” under the Facebook search. Ask to be the center's “friend” and get all the details you need about the events you want to attend. Adding the Wellness Center as a friend is easy and has its perks. As a “friend” you’ll learn about events first, see what the center is giving away, and learn how to live healthier.
The Wellness Center is dedicated to assisting students, staff, and faculty in developing healthy lifestyles choices and promoting behaviors that result in enhanced well-being.

"Help us better your lifestyle by adding “UST Wellness Center” on your Facebook," remarked Alaura Kramer, Wellness Center promotional intern.