2015 NESC Appreciation Award Recipient Announced

Julie Kimlinger

Julie Kimlinger

At the annual Non-Exempt Staff Appreciation Breakfast on March 25 the NESC announced Julie Kimlinger as the recipient of the 2015 NESC Appreciation Award.

In his nomination letter, Dan Gjelten of the UST Libraries said in part:

“Julie’s contribution to the libraries’ work for over 25 years has made a huge difference for us. Her title doesn’t do any justice to the kind and amount of work that she does. I am very proud of the role that the libraries play as an important community and cultural space on campus, and Julie is mostly responsible for our success in that area, planning dozens of events every year which involve many members of the UST community.

Julie is also very involved in the work of our marketing, space and communications groups in the libraries. The fact that our building is clean and safe is largely due to Julie’s attention. She helps us get the libraries’ messages out to the public, and writes regular blog posts about our activities. This year, she is involved in a (CLIC) consortial level working group intended to improve our marketing efforts.

Her contribution extends beyond the walls of the library as she has contributed to the larger UST community in her work on the Non-Exempt Staff Council as well as working with students on their events, working on Neighborfest, the artsound series of lecture/concerts by the Music and Art History departments, the UST Children’s Holiday party and more.

Naturally, her primary responsibility, support for the library staff and all others who use the library – is of the highest quality and such that we depend on her.  She understands the UST community and she knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently – and often creatively.

It may be Julie’s welcoming, kind and generous manner that sets her apart from all the other great employees at UST, however. I have never, in my nearly 40 year career, worked with a kinder and more loving colleague. There is no distinction for Julie in her treatment of anyone who comes to the office, whether they are a student, a faculty member, library staff, a vice president, a neighbor, an alum. Everyone is warmly welcomed and made to feel important.

Neither does she draw a line between what are 'professional' concerns and what are personal. She cares about the whole person in anyone she meets. She embodies a kind and welcoming spirit and has positively influenced the atmosphere in the library for all who work here and visit.”

The NESC congratulates Kimlinger on her award and thanks her for her service to UST for over two decades. To read Kimlinger’s full nomination letter and learn more about past recipients, visit the NESC website.

The council received nine nominations this year, each with an impressive combination of service to UST and the local community. The council thanks the individuals who nominated them and also congratulate all of this year’s nominees. The nominees were:

  • Henry Bishop
  • Doug Brown
  • Janet Gould
  • Carmen McGahey
  • Maureen Murphy
  • Brittany Tupa
  • Colleen Utecht
  • Reggie Wright